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01. About CrisisPal

CrisisPal has a goal to help keep users alert and safe by notifying and informing them of any nearby incidents which have been reported by other users. CrisisPal’s map uses your current location to display all nearby reported incidents. Users traveling to specific locations may use the search tool to scroll to a city, highway, or an event location to view any current or previously reported incidents.

Consider reporting new incidents

When you see or experience an incident please consider reporting it to help and notify others. You can report a crisis while on location of the incident or within a 3-km radius of your current location simply by long pressing on the CrisisPal map. You can also discuss incidents with other users, as well as, add photos and videos of the scene and even update other incidents by users.

02. CrisisPal Features

Some of our features

Search locations before visiting

Set notification and alerts distance

News Feed Tab for up to date news

Map view to check incidents around you

Create groups to share incidents

Update other user’s incident reports

03. How it works

Follow the screens to learn more about our app

04. Contact us

Answers to your questions

Feel free to contact us if you require any support or provide us with your kind feedback.